Kansas City BBQ

From America's Test Kitchen Season 8

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Kansas City Sticky Ribs on a Charcoal Grill

We came up with a faster method for Kansas City ribs-one that produces the same fall-off-the-bone, tender smoky meat of the long-cooked original recipe.


Smoky Kansas City BBQ Beans

In Kansas City, many barbecue joints stir "burnt ends"-tough, overcooked bits of smoked brisket, ribs, or pulled pork-into their barbecued beans. This combination of smoke and pork flavor might make Kansas City beans the best in America. We wanted to translate this recipe for the home kitchen.

Taste Tests


Is there a flavor difference between fresh pickles sold in the refrigerator case and processed, shelf-stable pickles?

Equipment Reviews

Barbecue Thermometers

For long and slow barbecuing, it's especially important to monitor grill temperature.

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