All-Time Cookie Favorites

From America's Test Kitchen Season 10

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Salty Thin and Crispy Oatmeal Cookies

You may think an oatmeal cookie should be moist and chewy. Thin and crispy oatmeal cookies can be irresistible—if, that is, you can get the texture just right.


Chewy Chocolate Cookies

"Death-by-chocolate" cookies usually claim texture as their first victim—but not ours.

Taste Tests

Steel-Cut Oats

Judging from the brands and styles cramming supermarket shelves, there's an oat for almost every taste. Are any better for breakfast or for baking?

Taste Tests

Rolled Oats

We prefer rolled oats for baking. Here are our recommendations for what brand to use.

Taste Tests

Stone-Ground Oats

We tested one brand of stone-ground oats. Could they please our tasters' palates?

Taste Tests

Quick Oats

For emergencies only?

Equipment Reviews

Green Skillets

Eco-friendly nonstick skillets promise to help the planet while they cook your dinner. But do any actually measure up?

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