A Latin Celebration

From America's Test Kitchen Season 12

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Equipment Reviews

Vertical Roasters

Vertical roasters cook poultry evenly and crisp the skin all over—and you don’t have to turn the bird the way you would on a traditional V-rack.


Peruvian Roast Chicken with Garlic and Lime

Authentic versions of this spit-roasted bird boast an evenly bronzed exterior, moist meat, and robust seasoning. We hoped that an oven—and supermarket staples—could do the job.


Cuban-Style Black Beans and Rice (Moros y Cristianos)

Cooking beans and rice in a single vessel sounds like a straightforward one-pot meal—that is, until both elements cook up mushy and bland.

Taste Tests

Brown Rice

While tasters liked most entries just fine, there was one crowd favorite—and one clear loser.

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