Ham Dinner

From America's Test Kitchen Season 3

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How to Prepare Spiral-Sliced Ham

Holiday hams are usually dry and dull. For a moist, juicy, and flavorful ham, ignore the package directions and bake it in a bag.


Green Bean Casserole

A classic make-ahead dish for the holiday table.

Taste Tests

Spiral-Sliced Hams

Half, whole, butt, shank, bone-in, or boneless: Which supermarket option produces the juiciest, most tender ham?

Equipment Reviews

Kitchen Timers

In the test kitchen, timing is everything. We tested 10 new models designed to handle multitask timing.

Equipment Reviews

Meat-Probe Thermometers

Relying on time estimates to tell when a roast is done is a recipe for disaster—here is the perfect weapon for perfectly cooked meat.

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