Mashed Potatoes and Root Vegetables

From America's Test Kitchen Season 9: Resurrecting the Roast Beef Dinner

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Meat-Probe Thermometers

Relying on time estimates to tell when a roast is done is a recipe for disaster—here is the perfect weapon for perfectly cooked meat.

Salting Meat

Almost everyone has heard of brining and salting meat to produce juicy meat, but how exactly do these techniques work?

Slow-Roasted Beef

Roasting inexpensive beef usually yields tough meat best suited for sandwiches. How do you transform a bargain cut into a tender, juicy roast that can stand on its own at dinner?

Mashed Potatoes and Root Vegetables

Adding carrots, parsnips, turnips, or celery root to mashed potatoes sounds like a good idea-until the mash turns out too watery, too sweet, or too bitter.

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