Kneading and Autolysis

From America's Test Kitchen Season 9: Breadmaking, Simplified

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Wüsthof Classic Bread Knife, 10 inches

Serrated Knives

Do you really need a bread knife, a tomato knife, a sandwich knife, and a cake splitter? We wanted one all-purpose serrated knife.

Whole Wheat Skillet Soda Bread—Irish Brown Bread

Skillet Soda Bread

Authentic Irish soda bread has a tender, dense crumb and a rough-textured, thick crust—definitely a departure from the more common Americanized soda bread.

Almost No-Knead Bread

A no-fuss recipe that is revolutionizing home baking trades flavor and reliability for ease. Could we improve the bread's bland taste and make it rise high every time?

Kneading and Autolysis

How did we produce superior bread without much kneading?

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