Garlic Presses

From America's Test Kitchen Season 8: Italian-American Classics

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Baked Manicotti

Manicotti may look homey, but blanching and stuffing pasta tubes is a tedious chore, and the ricotta filling can be uninspired and watery. We wanted a simpler, better recipe.

Cheesy Garlic Bread

Garlic bread is a balancing act between the butter, garlic, and bread. Add cheese to the mix and things get complicated. We wanted cheese-topped garlic bread that was crisp on the outside but chewy within, buttery all the way through, and with no bitter garlic aftertaste.

Supermarket Parmesan Cheese

Do aging time, raw milk, and salt content really matter?

Garlic Presses

Can your choice of garlic press affect the flavor of your dishes? You'd be surprised.

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