Cooking Eggs

From America's Test Kitchen Season 1: Cooking Eggs

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Eggs & Breakfast

Poached Eggs

A poached egg should be a neat-looking pouch of tender egg, evenly cooked all the way through, with a yolk that is barely runny.

Fried Eggs for Two

The trick is to have the pan at the perfect temperature, add the eggs all at once—and use a cover.

Foolproof Boiled Eggs

An egg with a perfectly creamy yolk, tender white, and no green ring results from a simple bring-it-to-a-boil method.

Understanding Egg Science

What do I need to know to properly cook eggs?

Fluffy Scrambled Eggs

For soft, pillowy eggs, you need a slow hand, a heavy nonstick pan, and (despite much advice to the contrary) high heat.

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