Cream Cheese Coffee Cake

From America's Test Kitchen Season 11: Coffee Break Sweets

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Ultimate Banana Bread Recipe

Bread & Pizza

Ultimate Banana Bread

Any 10-year-old can make the typical dry, bland banana bread. But if you want to make a moist, tender loaf with over-the-top banana flavor, you need to think like a mad scientist.

Cream Cheese Coffee Cake

Cakes & Cookies

Cream Cheese Coffee Cake

A rich cream cheese filling adds a twist to ordinary coffee cake—unless it breaks away and sinks to the bottom of the pan.

Chef's Choice 688 Electric Smart Kettle

Specialty Tools & Gadgets

Adjustable Electric Kettles

You could boil water, let it cool, and check with an instant-read thermometer for the perfect cup of tea—or let technology do it for you.

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