Beef Broth

From America's Test Kitchen Season 11: Dutch Oven Classics

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Lighter Chicken and Dumplings

Soups & Stews

Lighter Chicken and Dumplings

A stew as thick and heavy as pot-pie filling was fine for our forebears, but we wanted a lighter broth and dumplings that wouldn’t sink to the bottom of the pot.

Swanson Lower Sodium Beef Broth

Canned Goods

Beef Broth

For years we’ve tried to find rich, complex broth that truly tastes like beef—not just salt or vegetables. When we finally did, the ingredients surprised us.

Beef Stew with Tomatoes, Cinnamon, and Cloves


Best Beef Stew

Despite hours of simmering, most beef stews fall flat. Our goal was to pack in more flavor in less time.

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