Simply Chicken

From America's Test Kitchen Season 12: Simply Chicken

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Kitchen Basics

Cutting Boards

We thought we’d picked a winner—until our favorite board warped after just a few years. This time we upped the ante: three months of test kitchen boot camp.

Cutting Boards

Cutting boards made from bamboo and wood composite are flooding the market. Is there any reason to choose these new-fangled materials over traditional wood and plastic?


Quick Chicken Fricassee

This classic French dish of poached chicken in cream sauce would have a lot going for it, if we could streamline the recipe and punch up the flavors.


Weeknight Roast Chicken

If you can plan ahead, by all means brine or salt your bird. But when you want dinner on the table in an hour, you need a different way to get juicy, tender chicken.



What is emulsification and how does it work?


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