Toaster Ovens

From America's Test Kitchen Season 12: Rise and Shine Breakfast

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Eggs & Breakfast

Cranberry-Pecan Muffins

Most cranberry-nut-muffin recipes call for loading sour berries and chopped nuts into any old batter. Could that be why they always seem out of whack?

The Science of Scrambled Eggs

Why do scrambled eggs often turn out dry and overcooked?


Condiments, Oils, & Vinegars

Creamy Peanut Butter

“Natural” peanut butter used to mean an oil slick on top and a texture so stiff you could stand a stick in it. Is the new breed of butters any better? And what exactly makes them “natural”?

Eggs & Breakfast

Perfect Scrambled Eggs

The classic approach will never give you tender scambled eggs with big, pillowy curds. But acheiving that goal takes more than just turning up the heat.

Small Appliances

Toaster Ovens

Do you really need to spend $250 to get a good piece of toast?

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