Summer Peach Cake

From America's Test Kitchen Season 12: Sweet Summer Endings

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Fresh Strawberry Pie

& Fruit Desserts

Fresh Strawberry Pie

The key to this dessert’s bright flavor—plump, uncooked berries—can also be its soupy downfall. But how do you firm up the filling without making it gluey and dull-tasting?

Victorinox (formerly Victorinox Forschner) Fibrox 3 1/4-Inch Paring Knife


Paring Knives

Is it worth shelling out the bucks for forged German steel, or can a $5 blade make the cut?

Summer Peach Cake

Cakes & Cookies

Summer Peach Cake

Loading a cake with fresh peaches sounds like a great idea- until the flavor fizzles out and the crumb is drenched in juice.

Pie Crust

Why does too much water make pie pastry tough?

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