Rethinking Seafood Classics

From America's Test Kitchen Season 13: Rethinking Seafood Classics

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Specialty Tools & Gadgets

Seafood Scissors

Do seafood scissors live up to their promise in making it easier to cut through hard shells?

Best Crab Cakes

Who says great crab cakes have to start with fresh-from-the-shell crabmeat? We wanted briny, sweet-tasting results—no matter what the starting point.

Grill-Smoked Salmon

There’s more to smoked salmon than the thin, glossy slices stacked on bagels. With a little time—and a sweet touch—we produced silky, smoky dinnertime fillets.

Meat, Poultry, & Seafood


If you can't find fresh crabmeat, don't despair. There are several packaged options that are almost as good.

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