Classic Lemon Tart

From America's Test Kitchen Season 2: Two French Tarts

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Classic Lemon Tart

Classic Lemon Tart

We adjusted the ingredients to produce a lemon tart with a silken texture, the perfect balance of tart and sweet, and a taste that isn't too "eggy."

Boyajian Citrus Oils

Citrus Oils

How do these bottled oils taste compared to using fresh citrus?

Eggs and Acid

How does acid affect the behavior of eggs' in cooking applications?

Sweet Tart Pastry

Sweet Tart Pastry

Sweet tart pastry is both finicky and hard to roll out. Here is a recipe that is relatively foolproof, quick, and easier to handle.

Classic Fresh Fruit Tart with Pastry Cream

Bakery tarts look elegant but are often tasteless and rubbery. Here's a step-by-step guide to making your own pâtisserie creation that will taste as good as it looks.

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