Glazed Butter Cookies

From America's Test Kitchen Season 5: Holiday Cookies

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Pecan or Walnut Crescent Cookies

Cakes & Cookies

Pecan or Walnut Crescent Cookies

Superfine sugar and a combination of finely chopped and ground nuts yield tender, delicate, nutty cookies.

Dualit Professional Hand Mixer Model HMR2US

Small Appliances

Hand Mixers Versus Stand Mixers

In head-to-head competitions, stand mixers always best hand-held mixers. So does it make sense to even buy a hand-held mixer?

Foolproof Holiday Cookies

Glazed Butter Cookies

Rolling out cookie dough is a sticky business. Most recipes add excess flour, and the resulting cookies are tough. Could we make tender, crispy cookies that roll out easily?

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