Jarred Medium Salsas

From America's Test Kitchen Season 5: Appetizers

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Condiments, Oils, & Vinegars

Jarred Medium Salsas

Can jarred salsas make a decent alternative to homemade?

Bread & Pizza

Basic Pita Chips

A lower-fat, but still crispy chip for dips and spreads.

Meat Cleavers

We wanted a razor-sharp blade and perfect balance.

Beef Satay

This Southeast Asian street food should be simple enough, but more often than not it is tough, bland, and boring.

Creamy Herbed Spinach Dip

This lackluster 1950s relic was long overdue for a face-lift. The solution turned out to be surprisingly easy.

Warm-Spiced Pecans with Rum Glaze

We discovered how to get maximum flavor with minimum mess.

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