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FeaturesA behind-the-scenes look at what happens in the test kitchen
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The Gadget Guru Wants You to Get Your Money's Worth
What Is the Mediterranean Diet?
How to Temp Meat with a Digital Thermometer
What Is Tempeh?
RecipesGuaranteed foolproof by our team of test cooks
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Roasted Pears with Dried Apricots and PistachiosFromPork and Pears
Slow-Roasted Chicken Parts with Shallot-Garlic Pan SauceFromRoast Chicken and Potatoes Revisited
Boiled Potatoes with Black Olive TapenadeFromRoast Chicken and Potatoes Revisited
Black Olive TapenadeFromRoast Chicken and Potatoes Revisited
Taste TestsEveryday ingredients researched and rated to help you shop smarter
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Supermarket Balsamic VinegarFromItalian with Ease
Supermarket BrieFromFrench Pork Chops and Bisque
Vegetarian BrothFromVegetarian Essentials
Smoked SalmonFromBraised to Perfection
Equipment ReviewsSee which products beat their competitors in our battery of tests
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Carbon-Steel KnivesFromRoast Chicken and Potatoes Revisited
Knife SharpenersFromServing Up Noodles and Rice
Rice CookersFromUltimate Chinese
Warming TraysFromBraised to Perfection