Hannah from The Cookery Blog Prepares One of Bridget and Julia's Favorite Fall Desserts

One of Bridget and Julia's favorite recipes is now one of this food blogger's favorite recipes.

Thanksgiving Entertaining with Bridget Lancaster

The host of our television shows will serve a dessert-laden menu that includes pie, pudding, and crisp, and will represent her West Virginia roots by serving dressing (no matter what her northeastern colleagues call it).

Deb Perelman on Cooking with Kids, Writing Cookbooks, and the Future of Smitten Kitchen

Between touring our new space and participating in a tasting of ceviche, the beloved blogger and cookbook author sat down to talk with test kitchen staffers.

Thanksgiving Entertaining with Dan Souza

Dan plans to celebrate at his parents' house with new takes on Brussels sprouts and Duchess potatoes, and his very own recipe for Roast Heritage Turkey. (It's that good!)

Thanksgiving Entertaining with Jack Bishop

Jack's four-day-long Thanksgiving celebration features make-ahead gravy, a new take on sweet potatoes, and, of course, plenty of pie.

Zestful Kitchen Bakes The Best Pumpkin Cookies for Fall

The fall baking season has begun for Lauren from Zestful Kitchen. One of the first items on her list? The Pumpkin Pecan Cookies from our newest release all about cookies.

Thanksgiving Entertaining with Elle Simone

This year, the Detroit native will be celebrating traditions—and recipes—old and new.

Celebrating Local Food and Innovation at Farm-to-Table Cambridge Restaurant Puritan & Company

We get a taste of the kind of food that Boston chef Will Gilson will be serving at our inaugural food festival.

Thanksgiving Entertaining with Julia Collin Davison

Our TV shows’ host may not know yet where her family will be celebrating, but she knows what will be on the menu.

Sally’s Baking Addiction Bakes Better Black and White Cookies

These New York City staples become homemade fare with help from our new cookbook.

Photo Shoot Tips from a Professional Food Stylist

Successfully styling food involves a lot more than just making it look pretty.

Hip Foodie Mom Tackles Dinner with The Complete Make-Ahead Cookbook

Alice made our recipe for Roasted Zucchini and Eggplant Lasagna, and thinks it's the best she's ever eaten.

Treats SF Bakes Classic Coconut Tea Cookies

Truc thinks we're "batting a thousand" with our cookie cookbook—especially our recipe for washboards.

Butter Loves Company Makes Deceptively Simple Sandwich Cookies

Jenna thinks our latest release is "deliciously bookmark-able."

Talking “The Perfect Cookie” with Project Editor Sacha Madadian

This book editor discusses her favorites from our new cookie bible and explains how she earned the title of ATK Cookie Queen.

7 Questions with Zak Pelaccio, a True Nose-to-Tail Chef and Local Foods Pioneer

The Hudson Valley chef talks fish sauce, the importance of a hot pan, and what “farm to table” means to him.

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