All About Different Types of Frosting, From Buttercream to Ganache

Any baker worth her weight in cake should know the difference between a Swiss meringue buttercream and a German buttercream.

Making the Leap from Nurse to Chef (with a Little Help from the ATK Cooking School)

Elizabeth Bird has her dream job, working as an executive chef at a resort. But it wasn’t always a dream she knew she had—and it certainly wasn’t an easy road to get there.

Kitchen Smarts: How to Make Hard-Cooked Eggs So Easy to Peel That the Shells Practically Fall Off

An ingenious method for perfectly cooked, perfectly peelable hard-cooked eggs.

How To Troubleshoot In Your Multicooker

Multicookers, electric pressure cookers, Instant Pot—no matter what you call them, these versatile, multipurpose appliances can be challenging if you're new to multicooking. Here's how to solve for common problems.

Julia From My Lavender Blues Reviews Our Spinach and Yogurt with Dukkah Recipe

She found both a healthy alternative to creamed spinach and a new homemade spice blend.

Kitchen Smarts: How to Make Corn Tortillas That Taste Amazing

Three ingredients, super easy, and perfect for taco night.

Farmers' Market Favorites from the ATK Books Team

What our test cooks buy and how they use it.

Here’s How the ATK Books Team Will be Celebrating the Fourth of July

This is how test cooks do cookouts.

Taking the First Step to a Lifetime of Better Cooking with the America’s Test Kitchen Cooking School

Becoming a good cook takes time. Cooking school student Collin Fok decided he didn’t want to wait any longer.

Sarah from Making Thyme for Health Loves this Mayo-Free Broccoli Salad Recipe

A nutritious twist on a backyard-barbecue favorite.

Last-Minute Father’s Day Gifts for Dads That Love to Cook

Dad’s worth every penny.

Kitchen Smarts: How to Make Cold Brew Coffee at Home in a French Press Coffee Maker

Lush, smooth, and catered to your specific tastes.

The Best Equipment for Charcoal Grills

Including everything from the best grills to the best charcoal grill tool holder.

All the Grilling Equipment You Need to Grill and Chill

Including the best grills, essential tools, and nice-to-have accessories.

6 Grilled Recipes to Consider for Your Memorial Day Menu

In case you’re looking to give the burgers and hot dogs the year off.

Foolproof Living Makes Mushroom Ragout with Farro for an Easy Weeknight Meal

And in the process, she learned more than just how to make a recipe.

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