Interview: Oyster Guru Rowan Jacobsen

This oyster-obsessed Vermonter explains how to shop for oysters (and what to avoid when eating them at a restaurant).

Season 17, Episode 2 Recap: “Two Stews for Yous”

Bridget and Julia cook two hearty and delicious (but very different) stews.

5 Innovative Tips for Dutch Oven Users

Your Dutch oven can double as a cooler, and it’s also easier to wash than you might think.

Cook's Illustrated Executive Food Editor Keith Dresser Joins the Cast of America's Test Kitchen TV

He may be a new face to fans of the show, but Keith Dresser is anything but an America's Test Kitchen newcomer.

The Mediterranean Diet Food Pyramid [INFOGRAPHIC]

The Mediterranean Diet food pyramid tells you exactly what foods you should eat, and how much you should eat of each.

Why You Need a Dutch Oven

This vessel is the original low-and-slow kitchen workhorse.

Season 17, Episode 1 Recap: Cast Iron is Back!

The 2017 season of America’s Test Kitchen TV is here, and Bridget and Julia want you to break out your cast-iron skillets.

Everything You Need to Know About Olive Oil

How to shop for, cook with, and store olive oil.

Mediterranean Diet Shopping List

What you need in your kitchen to achieve success with the Mediterranean diet.

8 Easy Ways to Eat the Mediterranean Way

These tips will help you adhere to the Mediterranean diet.

How Do You Stay Fit as a Food Lover?

"I sat down once and plugged everything I ate that day into a calorie counter. Big mistake."

What is the Mediterranean Diet?

Everything you need to know about this heart-healthy, centuries-old way of eating.

10 of Our Favorite Instagrams from 2016

We're always blown away by the food photography skills of our fans. Here are some of the most impressive examples from the past year.

How a Test Cook Keeps a Food Diary

Please don't feed the test cooks—they've had enough to eat.

5 Sweet Holiday Breads from Around the Globe

From Sweden’s saffron-infused St. Lucia Buns to the elegant northern Italian panettone, these holiday breads are sure to impress your guests.

Treats SF Bakes Our Naturally Sweet Oatmeal-Raisin Cookies

Enjoy a cookie—or two—without the processed sugar.

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