Foolproof Living Makes Our 7-Ingredient Roasted Chicken and Potato Bake

Food blogger Aysegul Sanford turns to our recipe from How to Roast Everything for the ultimate one-pan dinner.

Kitchen Smarts: How to Pipe Like a Pro

Expertly decorate a cake with script, rosettes, and more.

Can I Reuse Frying Oil? [VIDEO]

Yes—but here’s how to prevent your doughnuts from tasting like fried fish.

Kitchen Smarts: How to Sear Scallops with a Golden Crust

Cook those scallops with confidence (and a really hot pan).

How to Spend a Rainy Day with Your Young Chef

The answer? Cupcakes. Always cupcakes.

How Do You Add Savory Flavor Without Adding Meat? [VIDEO]

First, let’s talk about umami.

Roast Your Way to Intensely Caramelized Broccoli

Nicole from A Modest Feast found the smallest lessons make the biggest impact.

Kitchen Smarts: How to Make the Best Pancakes from Scratch

Just say no to box mix.

What’s the Difference Between Smashed Garlic and Chopped Garlic? [VIDEO]

As usual, it all comes down to science.

Kitchen Smarts: How to Make Fresh Pasta Without a Pasta Maker

There’s nothing standing in the way of the lasagna of your dreams.

How Do You Know If Eggs Are Fresh? [Video]

Instead of relying on questionable kitchen lore, there is a surefire method to know the age of your eggs.

School's In: 5 After-School Snacks That Kids Can Prepare Themselves

Every cook has to start somewhere. Have your young chef start cooking with one of our 15-minute beginner recipes.

What’s the Difference Between Gochujang and Sriracha? [Video]

And can you substitute one for the other?

How a Smart Cook Sets Up a Tiny Kitchen

After a year of cooking in a kitchen with 3 feet of counter space, I've got some advice.

ZoeBakes Tries Our Tres Leches Cake

The food blogger put her own spin on our recipe for a simple, flavorful treat appropriate any time of year.

What Size Dutch Oven Should You Buy? [VIDEO]

We think bigger is better.

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