Behind the Scenes of America’s Test Kitchen TV Season 19

Our nineteenth season (debuting in January!) features new recipes and new digs, but includes the same test kitchen magic.

How to Keep the Kids Busy During Winter Break

Seven daily activities to ensure that your young chef’s winter vacation is filled with fun.

Tasting Italy, Part Two: Central Italy

Learn about central Italy's culture and, of course, food.

If You Love to Cook Italian Food, Here’s the Kitchen Equipment You Should Own

For me, cooking Italian food is about more than just eating well.

5 Expensive Kitchen Items You’ll Never Regret Buying

A self-described “gear head” shares her favorite high-ticket kitchen items.

Proof, Episode 4 Recap: Beanboozled, Part 1

Do you have to taste dirty socks to know what they taste like?

Celebrate the Holidays with the Cast of America’s Test Kitchen TV

In this special holiday episode, the cast gets together to discuss (and cook!) their favorite holiday recipes.

Proof, Episode 3 Recap: Tiki

We follow this history of the mai tai to trace the rise and fall of tiki culture in America.

Tasting Italy, Part One: Northern Italy

Eat your way through this "rich" territory in a new book from America's Test Kitchen and National Geographic.

Proof, Episode 2 Recap: Cravings

Can science explain our overpowering hankerings for a specific food?

Ask the Test Cooks: What’s the Most Important Kitchen Tool for Thanksgiving Cooking?

Is your kitchen ready for the holiday?

Thanksgiving Recipe Picks from the America’s Test Kitchen TV Cast

They love our recipes offscreen as much as they love them onscreen.

Proof, Episode 1 Recap: Celery

How did this former “it” vegetable go from fashionable to forgettable?

How to Listen to Podcasts

A quick-start guide from the creators of Proof.

Kitchen Smarts: How to Decorate Pie Crust Edges

Make your pie look as good as it tastes.

Kitchen Smarts: How to Break Down a Side of Salmon

For the best quality fillets, portion them yourself.

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