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How to Make a Lattice Pie Crust

The same beautiful pie topping with less effort.
By Published Oct. 11, 2021

Creating a beautiful lattice top for a homemade pie can feel like a brain-teaser. How do you get those crisp, straight edges? Which strip goes where?

In this video, part of the “Kitchen Smarts” series on America’s Test Kitchen’s YouTube channel, America’s Test Kitchen books team test cook Joe Gitter shares our technique for building a “no-weave” lattice top for a pie. If done properly, our approach gives the illusion of a woven lattice, with less effort. Here are some of our findings:

  • Use chilled dough: Cold dough will hold together better and will be easier to handle, so make sure both your unrolled dough and dough strips are cold.
  • Use a series of folding and unfolding: Don’t worry about any fancy braiding. Use our guide—and those malleable, chilled dough strips—to create the lattice design.
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