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The Best Way to Prep a Bell Pepper

Take a round vegetable and make it flat.
By Published July 14, 2021

Bell peppers are a versatile vegetable that are used in stir-fries, slaws, salads and more. But, how many ways are there to break down a bell pepper? It seems like everyone has a favorite technique, many of which leave you with misshapen pieces and seeds all over your countertop.

In this video, part of the “Kitchen Smarts” series on our YouTube channel, America’s Test Kitchen TV's Elle Simone shows you how to break down a red bell pepper so that the round vegetable is turned into flat pieces that you can easily cut into your desired size. Here are some of our findings:

  • Trimming the pepper allows you to open it like a book: From there, you can clearly see the seeds and ribs to remove them.
  • Cut peppers skin side down: Your knife cuts through the flesh of the pepper more easily than the skin. Using a sharp knife will help prevent the peppers from sliding on the cutting board.

Watch our step-by-step tutorial:

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