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Jenna from Butter Loves Company Celebrates Strawberry Season with Our Strawberry Cream Cake

A lover of traditional strawberry shortcake recipes, she loved our variation on one of her favorite desserts.

Published Aug. 2, 2018.

Traditional strawberry shortcake is one of Butter Loves Company food blogger Jenna's favorite desserts. She loves that timeless combination of rough-textured shortbread, bright fruit, and velvety whipped cream.

We agree—but we also know that cake, cream, and strawberries can result in soggy or bland disappointment. That's why our first-ever cake cookbook, The Perfect Cake, includes a reengineered version of this classic dessert that is both beautiful and delicious.

"This cake-style riff on the summer favorite oozes SoCal summer style," Jenna wrote after preparing the recipe. "It is a casual chic ode to the freshness of the season’s berries and the lightness of a fresh whipped topping.”

A few kitchen tricks—like macerating the strawberries—developed by our intrepid team of test cooks ensures each cake component shines. And a secret ingredient helps make the whipped cream layer substantial enough to stand up to the cake and fruit.

“I love this strawberry layer cake, not only because it’s beautiful with the strawberries peeking through the edges in the naked cake style, but also because the whipped cream includes one of my favorite ingredients: cream cheese,” Jenna wrote. “This addition helps by making it a little bit more sturdy than a traditional whipped cream and it adds a little tang reminiscent of a thicker frosting.”

After the success of her first recipe from The Perfect CakeJenna looks forward to trying more.

The Perfect Cake has a mix of different cake types for any occasion, layer cakes, sheet cakes, tortes, bundts, snack cakes, and ice cream cakes," she wrote. "With plenty of options for customization, I’m excited to mix and match for my next celebration. A blackberry mascarpone lemon cake to celebrate a Wednesday? Count me in.”

The Perfect Cake

  Whichever kind of cake you prefer, you’ll find it—and techniques for making the perfect version of it—in America’s Test Kitchen’s first-ever cake cookbook, The Perfect Cake.
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What’s your favorite summer cake? Tell us in the comments below and visit Jenna’s blog for the Strawberry Cream Cake recipe!

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