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How Do You Know If Eggs Are Fresh? [Video]

Instead of relying on questionable kitchen lore, there is a surefire method to know the age of your eggs.

Published Sept. 17, 2018.

The age of an egg might not matter when you’re frying or scrambling, but we’ve found that it’s key when preparing our recipe for poached eggs. So just how do you determine the age of an egg? Do you submerge it in water and wait for it to float, which indicates it’s too old? Do you set it on a counter and let the way it rests tell you how fresh it is? Instead of relying on questionable kitchen lore, Cook’s Illustrated’s editor in chief Dan Souza and senior editor Lan Lam have a surefire method to know the age of your eggs.

Key Equipment for Cooking Eggs

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What’s your favorite way to prepare eggs? Let us know in the comments! For some egg-cellent ideas, check out these recipes:

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