Celebrate the Holidays with the Cast of America’s Test Kitchen TV

In this special holiday episode, the cast gets together to discuss (and cook!) their favorite holiday recipes.

Published Nov. 19, 2018.

In this very special holiday episode, the America’s Test Kitchen cast gets together and shares their secrets to holiday planning, favorite holiday memories, and all-time favorite holiday recipes. Learn how Julia stays organized when cooking her Thanksgiving meal, and how Bridget suggests hiding imperfect food. Hear Jack’s worst turkey disaster and what dessert Lisa calls “the most insanely delicious thing ever.”

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America's Test Kitchen TV

Home for the Holidays

Celebrate the holidays with the cast of America’s Test Kitchen TV in this special episode.
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Featured Recipes

Elegant Entree

Beef Tenderloin with Smoky Potatoes and Persillade Relish

“If it’s a celebration, I want a beef tenderloin. It just says, 'I spent a lot of money and I care.' It’s the perfect holiday entree.” —Jack Bishop
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Juiciest Turkey Ever

Turkey Breast en Cocotte with Gravy

“If you do the Turkey en Cocotte the day before, you have tons of leftover and gravy for your barbecued turkey. And life is good.” —Adam Ried
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Italian Showstopper


“It’s rich, fatty pork that gets nice and tender—and it makes amazing sandwiches later.” —Dan Souza
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Rich & Gift-Worthy

Millionaire’s Shortbread

“Millionaire’s Shortbread is the gift that keeps on giving. It might be the perfect thing to make during the holidays.” —Bridget Lancaster
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First-Class Confection

Gâteau Breton with Apricot Filling

“When you taste it, you’re like, 'Oh my gosh, this is best little, delicate French cake I’ve ever had.'" —Elle Simone
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