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Tessa of Style Sweet CA Made Our Blueberry Jam Cake

And found a new addition to her favorite cake cookbooks.

Published Jan. 25, 2019.

The Perfect Cake: Your Ultimate Guide to Classic, Modern, and Whimsical Cakes contains an impressive roster of recipes, from multilayer cakes to rustic fruit-topped treats, elegant tortes, beautiful bundt cakes, filled cupcakes—and even cake pops.


Tessa of Style Sweet CA is an experienced baker. (She even has her own cookbook about making layer cakes!) But she still found things to learn—and drool over—in her copy of our first-ever cake cookbook, The Perfect Cake, thanks to its "stunning photos of classic to contemporary cake recipes" and "in-depth explanation of how and why each one is absolutely perfect.”

“What I LOVE about America's Test Kitchen books is that they give such clear explanations for the ingredients chosen and methods used in each recipe and what the final product should feel, taste, and look like,” Tessa wrote on her blog. “This Blueberry Layer Cake is no exception.”

Tessa chose to bake the cover recipe, a cake that we developed to give the humble blueberry its due. Blueberries sometimes make their way into simple summer cakes, but we'd rarely seen them shine in a more upscale affair—until now. This stunning cake features layers of downy white cake filled with a vibrant blueberry jam, which can be made with frozen berries if fresh aren't in season.

This recipe was one of the test cooks' favorites while they were developing the recipes. After baking it, Tessa could see why.

“The cake itself might just be the most fluffiest piece of heaven to ever enter my mouth," she wrote. "If you need a light and soft white cake, look no further. By using the reverse-creaming method, this cloud-like cake is ever so heavenly. . . the texture is inimitable.”

That's high praise coming from someone who's a cake expert in her own right.

The Perfect Cake

Whichever kind of cake you prefer, you’ll likely find it in this collection—America’s Test Kitchen’s first-ever cake cookbook, The Perfect Cake—and also learn how to make the most perfect-looking and -tasting version of it.
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What’s your favorite dessert? Tell us in the comments below and head to Tessa's blog for the full recipe!

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