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10 Father’s Day Gift Ideas That Cost Less Than $25

Our favorite inexpensive kitchen items that any food-loving dad will love (and actually use).

Published June 3, 2019.

Father’s Day is just around the corner on June 16th, which means the last-minute gift giving stress is probably starting to creep in. To help you out, we’ve assembled a list of 10 Father’s Day gift ideas perfect for any foodie father,  keeping affordability and practicality in mind. There’s something in here for every dad, from the household baker to the avid cheese-lover to the at-home pickler.

Weber 12 Inch Grill Brush

Weber 12 Inch Grill Brush ($7.99)
Every grill needs a good grill brush, and for the self-defined “grill masters” out there, a brand new one will make the perfect gift. Our favorite is the Weber 12 Inch Grill Brush, with its combination of short metal bristles and triangular head shape that allows you to access all the nooks and crannies when cleaning. [BUY NOW]

Formaticum Cheese Bags

Formaticum Cheese Bags ($9)
We know that every food-loving father takes his fancy (and pricey) cheese seriously, which is why Formaticum Cheese Bags are an ideal Father’s Day gift. Complete with the same porous plastic layer found in Formaticum Cheese Paper (another good gift idea for $9), these bags keep cheese fresh for two weeks longer than alternative options. [BUY NOW]

Breadtopia Bread Lame

Breadtopia Bread Lame ($10)
For the dad who wants to take his bread-baking skills up one notch, a bread lame is a must. We found bread lames to be necessary for properly scoring shaped loaves before baking them, and our winner, the Breadtopia Bread Lame, is easy to grasp and comes with five extra blades that are a snap to change. [BUY NOW]

Ball Secure-Grip Jar Lifter

Ball Secure-Grip Jar Lifter ($10.99)
For the dad who already likes to make his own jam or is interested in trying it, the Ball Secure-Grip Jar Lifter is a winner. Its spring-loaded hinge pops the grabbers open when the handles are released, eliminating the need to pry open closed grabbers. Combine with some jam jars and a canning pot for a jam-making kit. [BUY NOW]

GIR Skinny Spatula

GIR Skinny Spatula ($14.48)
Jar spatulas aren’t the sexiest kitchen item, but they’re one of the most utilitarian—or at least, they should be. This brightly colored, comfortable spatula outperformed eight other models and makes a great gift for a father who hates to leave behind any mayonnaise, peanut butter, or honey in the jar but wants to avoid the sticky hands. [BUY NOW]

Mercer Culinary Millennia Bread Knife

Mercer Culinary Millennia 10" Wide Bread Knife ($14.99)
A good serrated knife produces clean cuts in everything from a squishy, juicy tomato to a crunchy loaf of bread. It’s indispensable, especially for a father who likes to keep crumbs and splatter to a minimum. We chose our winner for its wide, deep serrations that delivered every time. [BUY NOW]

Tovolo Stainless Steel 4-in-1 Cocktail Shaker

Tovolo Stainless Steel 4-in-1 Cocktail Shaker ($21)
Our winning cocktail shaker will satisfy any cocktail-loving dad who wants to refine or expand his at-home beverage repertoire. This shaker earned a highly recommended rating because it’s leakproof and has a wide mouth, which allows for effortless filling, muddling, and cleaning. (And it pairs perfectly with our How to Cocktail book, which you can pre-order now!) [BUY NOW]

Knapp Made Small Ring CM Scrubber

Knapp Made Small Ring CM Scrubber ($22)
Help your dad keep his beloved cast-iron pans in good shape by gifting him our favorite chain mail scrubber. Its 5 by 5-inch size and small, thin rings allow it to cover more surface area efficiently and effortlessly remove cooked-on food from cast iron and Pyrex baking dishes. [BUY NOW]

Steven Raichlen Ultimate Suede Grilling Gloves

Steven Raichlen Ultimate Suede Grilling Gloves ($22.83)
To help a grill-loving father avoid burns but keep the dexterity to turn burgers and steaks, gift him a pair of our favorite grill gloves this holiday. These winners give great control when manipulating grill tools and have long, wide cuffs that protect forearms but let air circulate to still keep cool. [BUY NOW]

DeMarle Silpat U.S. Half-Size Non-Stick Silicone Baking Mat

DeMarle Silpat U.S. Half-Size Non-Stick Silicone Baking Mat ($24.95)
A silicone baking mat is the prime gift for a dad who loves to bake. In lieu of parchment paper that needs to be thrown away, silicone baking mats provide a reusable alternative with their nonstick surface that can be washed after each use. Our favorite fits perfectly in a standard baking sheet and is dishwasher-safe. [BUY NOW]

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