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From Restaurant Kitchens to the Test Kitchen: Two ATK TV Cast Members Look Back on Their Long-Time Friendship

They’ve been in the ATK family for almost two decades, and have been friends for even longer.

Published Dec. 18, 2019.

As we reflect on America's Test Kitchen TV's 20th anniversary, we sit down with two people whose friendship predates their time together at ATK. Keith Dresser and Erin McMurrer have each been a part of the ATK family for almost two decades, and they have been friends for even longer.

The two first met in the kitchen at famed Boston restaurant Hamersley’s Bistro, where they worked together for three years. Then Erin started a job as ATK’s assistant test kitchen director and Keith landed a gig at renowned specialty shop Formaggio Kitchen, which is where he was working when Erin suggested he apply for a test cook job on the ATK books team. Fast forward almost 20 years, and Erin is the test kitchen director and Keith is the executive food editor of Cook’s Illustrated magazine, and both are cast members on ATK TV.

But their work behind the scenes during filming is as important as their on-screen roles. How do you think those cookies that Bridget and Julia make in a recipe segment bake so fast? It's not quite TV magic—it’s Keith and Erin’s behind-the-scenes kitchen work.

Check out this excerpt from our 20th anniversary special to learn more about Keith and Erin's friendship and how they manage to make the magic happen behind the scenes. And be sure to view the entire special when it airs on your local PBS TV station in November. (Find out where and when that is by entering your zip code into our station finder.)

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