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Staying at home and cooking for yourself, your family, and your neighbors has never been more important. As always, you can rely on all of us in the test kitchen for resources to help you plan, shop, and cook for yourself and your loved ones. We are committed to serving as a resource to you every day.

We'll be using this page to post articles and recipe collections that we think will help you feed the people you love in this unpredictable time. Check back often—we plan to add new posts every day about topics you're looking for now: pantry-friendly inspiration, info on ingredient substitutions, and big-batch recipes you can freeze. We'll even provide an occasional break from the norm by way of a dispatch from our test cooks and kitchen staff, who are all currently working from home.

We're all in this together. Let’s roll up our sleeves, wash our hands, and stay busy in the kitchen.

Jack Bishop

P.S. To make our content even more accessible, we've taken some unprecedented measures. As part of our Keep Calm and Cook Sale, we’ve slashed all our cookbook prices to $19.99 (or less) and they're ready to ship. We created a collection of 50 of the America's Test Kitchen recipes you need now—and freed up access to all of them. We've opened up our ATK Kids website (so many recipes and fun activities, now free). You can also get every recipe, rating, and resource on all our sites with an all-access membership, now just $1 for 3 months

Free to All

The 50 America's Test Kitchen Recipes You Need Now

A special collection of 50 recipes (pantry meals, make and freeze, baking projects, and more) free for everyone during the COVID-19 emergency. Cook well, stay safe.

ATK Kids At-Home Curriculum

april 6 — april 12 Kitchen Classroom: Week 4

This week starts off with some simple science experiments using bubbly seltzer water and also includes a salty art activity, kid-tested Meatballs, easy (and gluten-free) Peanut Butter Cookies, a foolproof recipe for hard-cooked eggs, and DIY Pancake Mix.

march 30 — april 5 Kitchen Classroom: Week 3

Make a recipe from My First Cookbook, play around with food textures, explore the spectacular world of fruits, explore the science of popcorn, bake a GIANT chocolate chip cookie, and discover how easy it is to make cheese using just two ingredients.

March 23 — March 29 Kitchen Classroom: Week 2

Explore the cool chemistry of salt and cheese, make chicken breasts and a comforting pasta dish with butter and Parmesan cheese for lunch or dinner, dive into the world of food packaging, and celebrate the weekend with pantry-friendly scones.

March 19 —March 22 Kitchen Classroom: Week 1

We know that you’re looking for activities to help support your kids' learning right now. Here's our first installment of our free weekly curriculum of recipes and hands-on STEAM activities for kids.


4/6/20, by Hannah Fenton Easy Easter Recipes for Smaller Celebrations

Easter dinner must go on. And with these recipes, it will—whether you’re an experienced host or cooking for the first time.

4/5/20, by Chad Chenail Great Kids' Podcasts Your Whole Family Will Enjoy

Kids' podcasts are a solution to screen time in an age of impromptu social distancing.

4/4/20, by Sarah Wilson 8 Cooking Skills and Techniques You Should Practice During Your Time at Home

Make the most of your free time by honing new skills.

4/2/20, by Mari Levine Simple Passover Seder Recipes For First-Time Hosts

Cooking your own seder meal this year? Here are some recipes you can handle, no matter your cooking ability.

4/1/20, by RIDDLEY GEMPERLEIN-SCHIRM Bark Break: The Dogs of America’s Test Kitchen Would Like to Say Hi

We take a break from our normal programming to remind you that like our actual office, our home offices are also dog friendly.

4/1/20, by Scott Kathan The Power of Mindful Cooking

Cooking more deliberately can have a profound impact.

3/31/20, by Molly Birnbaum What Some America’s Test Kitchen Editors Are Cooking With Their Kids

We’re all at home, many of us with kids. Here’s what we’re cooking.

3/30/20, by Andrea Geary 10 Easy Work-from-Home Lunch Ideas That Don’t Need a Recipe

Simple, satisfying dishes that break up the hectic workday.

3/29/20, by Bridget Lancaster My Favorite Baking Projects

I’ve got the time. As soon as I'm able to find the ingredients, this is what I'll be baking.

3/28/20, by Avery Lowe How to Optimize Fridge, Freezer, and Pantry Space in Your Kitchen

The ways in which we organize and maintain our kitchen are always important, but recently they’ve become absolutely essential.

3/27/20, by Kristin Sargianis Resources for Keeping Kids Active and Healthy at Home

Here’s a handful of healthy, kid-friendly snacks and physical activities for indoor (or outdoor) fun.

3/26/20, by Andrew Janjigian Make Your Own Mini Sourdough Starter With the #Quarantinystarter Project

Want to make a sourdough starter and conserve flour in the process? Let our resident breadhead walk you through his sourdough "quarantinystarter" recipe.

3/25/20, by Matthew Fairman Ask Matthew: How to Use Canned Bean Liquid

Don't just dump that canned bean water down the drain. It has more to offer. So do a lot of other things in your kitchen.

3/24/20, by Sarah Wilson 24 Common Ingredients and Their Substitutions You Might Be Looking for Right Now

So you can keep on cooking.

3/23/20, by Camila Chaparro 10 Breakfast Recipes You Couldn’t Normally Make on a Weekday Morning

Let’s take our extra time in the morning to start our day as we always should (but never have time to), with a breakfast that nourishes the belly and buoys the spirits.

3/21/20, by Lauren Savoie How We’re Supporting Our Local Restaurants During the Shutdown

Restaurants are hurting right now. Here's what our staffers are doing to help.

3/20/20, by Elle Simone 9 Kitchen Tasks You Should Take Care of While You Have the Time

Being home is more relaxing when things are tidy and organized. For me, that starts in the kitchen.

3/19/20, by Danielle Lapierre Great-Tasting Recipes That Use 5 or Fewer Ingredients

You don’t need a lot of ingredients to make a delicious dish.

3/18/20, by Matthew Fairman Ask Matthew: How to Use Tuna Fish

Your favorite cooking advice columnist is back! And he's got some thoughts about—and recipes for—canned tuna.

3/17/20, by Kristin Sargianis Now Is the Time to Cook with Kids (And 5 Recipes to Use)

Staying indoors with kids for the foreseeable future? Need a way to pass the time? Head to the kitchen.

3/16/20, by Kate Shannon How to Be a Good Neighbor During an Unpredictable Time

My neighbors are self-quarantining after returning from a trip abroad. Here's how I'm planning to help.

3/15/20, By Mari Levine 9 Recipes That Use 10 or Fewer Ingredients That You (Probably) Already Have

If you're hunkering down at home, there's a good chance you already have everything you need to make at least a few of these recipes—no matter what you consider "pantry" ingredients.

3/14/20, by Lisa McManus 5 Cozy Cooking Projects

If you're feeling trapped in the house, you'll feel better if you get cooking. Here are five simple, mostly hands-off ways to fill your house with good smells and comfort.

3/13/20, By Danielle Lapierre Anything-but-Boring Recipes to Make With That Package of Chicken Breasts

Already have a package of chicken breasts in your freezer? Take it to the next level.

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