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10 Breakfast Recipes You Couldn’t Normally Make on a Weekday Morning

Let’s take our extra time in the morning to start our day as we always should (but never have time to), with a breakfast that nourishes the belly and buoys the spirits.

Published Mar. 23, 2020.

Camila Chaparro

I love breakfast: The smell of bacon sizzling in a skillet, coffee dripping into the pot, something sweet and buttery baking in the oven—it’s hard to think of anything more comforting or uplifting to wake up to. But most weekday mornings, my breakfast consists of nibbling on a few mini pretzels, a wedge or two of a clementine, and maybe a baby carrot or three as I pack my children’s lunches, then chugging down my second cup of coffee as I hustle everyone out the door. Not exactly a thoughtfully prepared, nourishing or healthy start to the day. 

So if there’s one silver lining to be found in the “socially distanced” situation that many of us find ourselves in, it’s having the time and opportunity to nourish and care for ourselves and our loved ones through one of the best ways we know how: cooking. And breakfast is the perfect place to start. Let’s take advantage of our extra time in the morning to start our day as we should, with a breakfast that nourishes the belly and buoy the spirits. Here are my recommendations for recipes that do that (many of them with ingredients you likely have on hand).

Easy Pancakes

Easy PancakesThis super simple, pantry-friendly recipe produces fluffy, tender pancakes perfect for slathering with butter and drizzling with syrup. While the batter rests, you can pull together this quick Brown Sugar Banana topping or microwave up our Apple-Cranberry Pancake Topping.

Breakfast Tacos with Bacon 

Breakfast Tacos with BaconRoutines during uncertain times are important for kids (and adults), but sometimes it’s good to break up the same old, same old: we’ve all had tacos, but have you made them for breakfast? Get the whole family in on pulling together this kid-friendly recipe, and whip up some eggy-bacony-cheesy goodness to start the day and break up the week.

Eggs in Spicy Tomato and Roasted Red Pepper Sauce (Shakshuka)

Eggs in Spicy Tomato and Roasted Red Pepper Sauce (Shakshuka): If you’re stuck at home but yearning for spicy, earthy, global flavors at your breakfast table, try this North African classic. While pita is traditional, any type of bread will work to sop up the sauce.

Crepes with Bananas and Nutella

Crepes with Bananas and Nutella: Crepes sound complicated, but they just require a little practice. Now’s a perfect time to hone your “tilting” and “swirling” technique (while nobody’s watching). If you don’t have Nutella on hand, use another nut butter, or jam, or simply sprinkle the crepes with sugar, lemon zest or cinnamon, and fruit. If savory crepes are more your thing, try filling them with a slice of ham or sauteed vegetables, and grated or crumbled cheese.

One-Pan Breakfast

One-Pan BreakfastIf you’re missing your favorite weekend breakfast spot and their plentiful diner-style breakfast, this recipe is for you. (And speaking of restaurants, check out this article for ways to help those that are hurting.) Eggs-in-a-hole, sausage and potatoes cooked all on one baking sheet (easy cleanup!) and you don’t even have to leave the house.

Muffin Tin Doughnuts

Muffin Tin DoughnutsThe best of all worlds: tastes like a doughnut, easy as a muffin, doesn’t require leaving your kitchen. Done.

Bacon and Cheddar Breakfast Sandwiches

Bacon and Cheddar Breakfast SandwichesBreakfast sandwiches are great on-the-go options, but this one is good enough to sit down for. Perfect your fried egg technique, then add some cheese (any good melting cheese will do here), and sandwich it up with bacon and an english muffin. (If you—gasp!—forgot to stock up on bacon, we have versions with ham and sausage as well, or just keep it vegetarian).

Breakfast Pizza

Breakfast PizzaNo, not the cold leftover stuff (though we won’t judge). Hot-out-of-the oven pizza topped with eggs and bacon will satisfy and delight everyone at the breakfast table. This recipe relies on store-bought pizza dough but feel free to make your own.


PopoversI was well into my thirties before I had (or made) popovers; I won’t make the same mistake with my kids. Introduce yours to these easy, pantry-friendly, airy, crispy yet tender puffs with this kid-friendly recipe, perfect for pairing with jam or herby, cheesy scrambled eggs.

Everyday French Toast

Everyday French ToastIf everyone’s at home at your house, they won’t have to eat breakfast in shifts if you use this ingenious sheet pan recipe for French toast that cooks enough to serve four in one batch. Spiced with cinnamon and vanilla, this French toast’s scent as it bakes will get even the stragglers to the table pronto.

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