Bark Break: The Dogs of America’s Test Kitchen Would Like to Say Hi

There’s also a rabbit.

Published Apr. 1, 2020.

You may or may not know this, but America’s Test Kitchen’s office is dog-friendly. We love our dogs in the office: they come to meetings, keep us company while we’re doing desk work, and are always there for a midday cuddle.

But right now, everyone at America’s Test Kitchen is working from home. These are scary, anxiety-provoking times. Fortunately, our four-legged friends are here for us. We wanted to share what our new furry coworkers are up to, and, in the process, brighten your day with a bit of pawsitivity.


Tuna wants you to have a can-tastic day. Charlie loves his stuffed moose, but would love another playmate, please!


Olive and Lotti say, “Hey, Charlie! You can come over and play with us!” Meanwhile, Henrietta is snug as a bug in her bed (and would like people to know her stuffed chicken’s name is “Clark”).

Lotti and OliveHenrietta

If the invitation to play is still open, Reeses, Comet, and Otto would like to join as well.

Reeses Comet and Otto

Daisy is in the same boat as Henrietta, but on the couch! Chloe agrees—but she’s somewhat of a couch potato.


Honey prefers her nap breaks to be on the porch. Maggie’s more of a couch napper herself.


Pepper agrees with Maggie: “Nuh uh, dude! Couch all the way.”


Baci and Bistro give two paws up for this loveseat. But Andy prefers a chair.

Baci and BistroAndy

Chewie likes to lie on a blanket for maximum comfort, and Lily likes to dress the part when she's reading her favorite books.


Theo firmly feels that naps are fantastic, but nothing beats an afternoon fetch session. Nova concurs. She loves the feel of the wind on her whiskers!


Amethyst is like, “LEMME OUT. I wanna feel that wind!” Back inside, Martha is catching that sweet sunshine.


As is Arnold!


Brady doesn’t have time to nap. He’s just trying to catching his owner’s eye. Ever’s awake as well. She says, “Hi, ever-yone!”


And Ary? She’s just over here smizing. Kiki is having a tough time, but she’s happy that her hooman is there to keep her company!


Kaiju can't take his eyes off of his human, and Sloan is surprised to be included in this round up! But she hopes she made you hoppy.


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