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Cabin Fever Caturday: The Cats of America’s Test Kitchen That Have Been “Helping” Us Work From Home

More like America’s Test Kats, amiright?

Published Apr. 18, 2020.

By now you may know that our offices are dog-friendly (don’t worry, no dogs allowed in the kitchens—unless they're our home kitchens), but plenty of staffers also keep company with another variety of four-legged friends: cats. Since our feline friends aren’t allowed in the office, they’ve mastered the art of working from home. Over the past few weeks, they’ve had a chance to show us how this whole social distancing thing is really done. Here’s how our cats have “helped” us work from home. (Spoiler: there have been a lot of naps.)


Charley had the spacebar covered, while Nora edited some recipes.


Dexter fetched the mail and Teddy supervised from above.


As for Chowder, well, she’s been sleeping on the job.


Wesley used his nap to helpfully illustrate the shape of a shrimp for his test cook hooman, while Benji eschewed his nap for unbreakable eye contact.


Grizelda left some comments in a Googledoc and then took a swig of her Dalgona coffee.


Eleanor Rigby caught up on all the office news on Slack.

Eleanor Rigby

Riz and Mira had a team huddle (and have not been practicing social distancing).

Riz and Mira

Maggie and Judi enjoyed some fresh content on the cat TV. Judi later gave a full recap to her hooman.

Maggie and JudiJudi

Cromwell has diligently attended every meal. Hat was ready for a nap after reading his way through some ATK cookbooks.


Good thing Hat’s person was nearby for a nice lap nap; I’m sure he wasn’t doing anything more important!


Vlad is less of a helper and more of a lurker. “Same,” says Max.


Inky made sure to take a break and get some sun. Panda opted for a belly rub break.


Bernie also modeled his floofy belly for us.


Boris is a stickler for schedules and would like to get back to working remotely, please. Banjo is a bit confused about what “working remotely” means.


Meanwhile, Stanley dreamt of walls made of cardboard and waterfalls of endless gravy. “Did someone say ‘gravy’?” asked Miamo.


Finally, Gozer and Zuul wanted to let you know they’re looking out for you and hope you have a great week ahead!

Gozer and Zuul

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