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22 Kitchen-Related Father’s Day Gifts Under $25

Our favorite gift-worthy, budget-friendly pieces of kitchen equipment.

Published June 8, 2020.


My dad always insists he doesn’t want anything for Father’s Day (he also doesn’t want us to spend too much on him). A new fishing rod? Nope. A fun pair of shoes? He has plenty of those. How about a book? No to that, too, since he has a bookshelf full waiting-to-be-read titles. But, my dad does love to cook. And whenever I get him something kitchen-related, he’s always happy—which means I am, too.

Here are 22 kitchen-focused Father’s Day gifts that might not cost a lot, but, hopefully, will make your dad’s day. (Note: we included the prices we paid at the time of testing—because prices on Amazon fluctuate constantly, the current price may be less or more than what is listed.)

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For the dad who would like to revamp his kitchen equipment basics

  • Wooden spoon: One of our favorite wooden spoons is under $11. It’s a classic, with a long, tapered handle and a scooped-out oval head. ($10.99)
  • Measuring spoons: Easy to use, accurate measuring spoons are a necessity. Our favorite set has a long handle and sturdy, stainless steel construction. ($12.33) 
  • Dry measuring cups: Another necessity, our favorite dry measuring cups are durable and snap together for storage purposes. ($19.99) 
  • Liquid measuring cups: Our favorite glass measuring cup costs about $10. And while the 1-cup version of our favorite plastic measuring cup is out of stock, you can still snag the highly recommended, 2-cup model for about $8. ($10.05, $7.99)
  • Potholders:  Potholders aren’t something you want to mess around with (burning, ouch!). Our favorite is protective, yet flexible enough for easy gripping. ($13.96)
  • Kitchen tongs: A good pair of kitchen tongs can be hard to come by (as evidenced by our testing). These tongs by OXO and are precise, comfortable to use, and have a no-fuss locking mechanism. ($12.95)
  • Colander: While our long-time favorite colander is a touch over $25, its all-over tiny perforations allow for easy drainage and its easy-to-grip handles and circular base make it well worth the extra cents. ($25.99)
  • Metal spatula: A good metal spatula is an essential. Our Best Buy is exactly that and has a roomy, nimble head. ($16.57)
  • Smalled rimmed baking sheet: Our favorite is warp-resistant and cooks and browns evenly. Plus, you can buy it with a detachable lid, which is handy for storage. ($8.99)

For the dad who loves his cast-iron skillet

For the dad who loves to grill

  • Basting pot: This cast iron basting pot can sit right on the grill grates, so it can be closer to the food and heat up the sauce at the same time. ($21.95)
  • Grill brush: While our favorite grill brush is currently only available through third party sellers on Amazon, you can still get our top bristle-free pick. ($19.95)
  • Grill tongs: Our favorite grill tongs are, at 16 inches, long enough to keep your hands away from the heat, but not too long that you lose any control or leverage. ($14.93)
  • Grill cookware: This grill pan allows you to grill more delicate things like sliced vegetables or seafood without the worry of them falling through the grates. ($19.99)
  • America's Test Kitchen Master Of The Grill cookbook: This cookbook has enough recipes for a summer’s worth of grilling, including Barbecued Pulled Chicken and Grilled Lobsters with Herbed Garlic Butter. ($17.50)

For the dad who loves to bake

  • Brioche pan: Yes, you can make brioche in a standard loaf pan, but traditional brioche has fluted sides and a conical shape and for that, you’ll need one of these. ($10)
  • Mini loaf pans: For little breads and cakes, these four pans produce nicely domed, golden brown loaves. ($11.99) 
  • Tube pan: Good angel food cake requires a good tube pan. Our favorite has a nonstick surface and a removable bottom and feet and can also be used for making pound cakes and bundt cakes. ($17.99)
  • Offset spatula: For frosting a cake, you need an offset spatula. Our favorite has a long, narrow blade that’s ideal for scooping and spreading frosting and a comfortable handle. ($9.99)
  • Parchment paper: These precut parchment sheets from King Arthur Flour are the perfect size for our favorite rimmed baking sheet, making them incredibly convenient. ($19.95)

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