Our New Podcast, The Walk-In, Features Intimate Conversations with the Food World’s Difference Makers
With host Elle Simone Scott at the helm, no topic is off limits.
America's Test Kitchen

In a restaurant, the walk-in refrigerator is the place where workers go to take a breath or let it all out. The name of our new podcast is a metaphor for the kinds of conversations host Elle Simone Scott will have with her guests.

The Walk-In considers the reality of "making it" in the culinary industry. Elle explores the unheard stories of the food world’s difference makers, including chefs, writers, entrepreneurs, and media personalities. What really happens between their first day and overnight success? A lot—but it's rarely discussed beyond a small circle of trusted friends.

Unfiltered and unexpected, The Walk-In has the conversations you won’t hear anywhere else: the raw, real truth about the moments that defined their careers and lives. Elle and her guests talk, in a real way, about passion, the “isms,” and turning points of a culinary life. Nothing is off limits.

With this podcast, Elle continues her career-long mission of advocating and opening doors for others. The social-worker-turned-culinary-leader, Elle is the founder of SheChef, Inc., a professional networking organization and social enterprise, where she provides mentoring to women chefs of color. And since joining America's Test Kitchen in 2016 as a cast member and food stylist, Elle has become an executive editor and the company's Inclusion Leader, guiding the company's internal Diversity Council with their mission to promote a culture of inclusion with a specific focus on recruiting, mentorship, representation, equity and retention at America’s Test Kitchen.

The first episode of The Walk-In drops August 5th (read more about it below) and new episodes go live every Wednesday after that, but you can listen to the trailer now on one of the platforms below or any other place you listen to podcasts.

Listen to the Trailer

Coming Up on Episode One on 8/5/20

In the debut episode of The Walk-In, Elle talks with Kia Damon about being a Black woman in the culinary industry, her lifechanging move from Florida to New York City, work/life balance, and imposter syndrome.

Kia Damon

About Kia Damon: Named one of The New York Times' 16 Black Chefs Changing Food In America in 2019, Damon made a name for herself as the 24-year-old executive chef of New York City's Lalito restaurant, which earned her praise in media outlets from Grubstreet to Vogue. After leaving the restaurant, the self-taught chef became the first Culinary Director for Cherry Bombe Magazine. She now hosts Cherry Bombe's podcast and started Supper Club From Nowhere, which combats food injustice by bringing fresh ingredients to locales affected by food deserts.

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