How to Pitch to America's Test Kitchen's Podcast "Proof"
America's Test Kitchen

Proof is a podcast series from America's Test Kitchen hosted by Bridget Lancaster. We’re accepting pitches for season 7 (coming in the spring of 2021). 

Proof tells food stories that feed the curious mind. We don’t profile celebrity chefs or restaurateurs. We’re not interested in pitches about a food topic. We’re interested in narrative stories, through a food lens, that allow us to examine our relationship to food and change the way we think about it. 

For example, in past seasons we’ve told the following stories: 

  • At the turn of the 20th century, there was a coordinated effort to shut down Chinese Restaurants in the US entirely. 
  • In 2003, the World Chili Championship Cookoff was won by a man who cheated . . . by mixing other cooks’ chilis together and submitting the mixture to the judges. 
  • In the 1970s, an up-and-coming company wanted to commercialize a sweetening alternative to sugar, the naturally occurring Miracle Berry, but an FDA conspiracy shut it down.

In your pitch, include the following: What are the plot points? Who are the characters we’ll meet? What are the twists and turns? What are the stakes? How will it challenge the way we think about a particular ingredient, dish, or culinary tradition? Proof stories shouldn’t have easy, straightforward, or google-able answers.    

Diversity is important to Proof—we’re interested in covering stories from historically underrepresented communities and we’re interested in working with reporters and producers from diverse backgrounds.

Show: Weekly, 8-week season
Segments: 30-45 minutes, but we’re flexible about length. 
Compensation: $2700-3000 per story, depending on length, research, travel, and experience level. Rate is negotiated and determined in advance.
Pitch: By email, please include “Proof S7 Pitch” in the subject line
Contact: Yumi Araki, Senior Producer: yumi.araki@americastestkitchen.com