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How to Be an America's Test Kitchen Recipe Tester (Like Drew Barrymore)

Get a sneak peek at in-development recipes in exchange for your honest feedback.

Published Mar. 24, 2021.

Drew Barrymore has a new role to add to her résumé: America’s Test Kitchen recipe tester. 

On his recent visit to The Drew Barrymore ShowCook’s Illustrated Editor in Chief Dan Souza showed Drew how to prepare Lentil Mushroom Veggie Burgers, an easy, weeknight recipe currently in development for our Healthy Air Fryer cookbook.

After tasting the finished veggie burger, Drew weighed in with her review: “As good as it gets.” But we’re still working on the recipe—and you can help us finish it!

finished veggie burgers

Here in the test kitchen we take a lot of pride in making our recipes as foolproof as possible. But preparing them in the test kitchen (often dozens of times) isn’t enough. 

Once we have a recipe we’re happy with, we pass it on to our at-home recipe testers—a network of thousands of home cooks across the country—for their feedback. Are the instructions clear? How did it look? How did it taste? Only recipes that score 80 percent or higher on our “I’ll definitely make this again” rating make it through to our books and magazines.

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