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5 Reasons You'll Want to Join the Young Chefs’ Club

Give your kids a break from screens and make delicious food together? Sign me up!

Published Mar. 27, 2021.

So you might have seen the segment on Weekend Today and thought: What’s this Young Chefs’ Club from America’s Test Kitchen Kids all about? Are there member dues? Quarterly meetings? 

It’s a lot more fun than that. 

Think of it as a surprise package in the mail every month, where kids and their grown-ups parents and children learn to become better cooks, make something totally delicious, then get to eat the finished results. It’s an immensely fun and educational way to spend quality time together. 

Still not convinced? Here are five reasons you’ll be glad you joined the Young Chefs’ Club:

1. You get exclusive kid-tested and kid-approved recipes, backed by America's Test Kitchen Kids’ 15,000 kid-recipe testers

Every month, you’ll receive a themed box packed with recipes we rigorously tested and designed especially for kids. They’re practically guaranteed to turn out perfectly every time. Our recipes may be kid-friendly, but we want to help young chefs expand their palates, too! In our boxes, you’ll find recipes for everything from a Giant Chocolate Chip Cookie to Empanadas de Pollo (Chicken Empanadas) to Chicago Deep-Dish Pizza to Chana Masala.

From left: Chana Masala, Giant Chocolate Chip Cookie

2. It uses food and cooking as a springboard for learning around science, history, social studies, math, and more

Not only will kids learn how to cook, they’ll also learn about the science and history behind some of their favorite recipes. They’ll answer questions such as, “Why does melted mozzarella cheese stretch more than melted cheddar?” and “How did pot stickers get their name?” Your kids will also learn valuable kitchen techniques, from cracking and separating eggs to piping frosting on a cake. Each box also includes engaging hands-on STEAM activities and experiments built for learning—and delicious fun.

From left: Contents of the "Say Cheese" box; Mirror Cake from the "Cake Decorating" box

3. You get useful, unique, fun physical items in every box

Each box comes with special creative items, ranging from family-friendly card games, board games, and stickers to spices and kid-friendly kitchen tools.

Our "Get Salty" box includes Himalayan pink salt, Portuguese sea salt, fun stickers, an achievement button, and more!

4. It may be a monthly box, but it’s not a one-and-done deal

Our family-friendly recipes can be cooked time and time again. As kids rack up their Young Chefs’ Club cards, they can even store them in our special recipe box! The Young Chefs’ Club gives kids the tools and skills they need to feel confident in the kitchen for years to come. We’re certain many of these recipes will become family favorites.

Young Chefs' Club recipes, such as Tacos de Tinga de Pollo (Chicken Tinga Tacos), are sure to become family favorites.

5. It’s a blast for the whole family—grown-ups included!

The Young Chefs’ Club is designed for kids ages 5 and up. Regardless of their age, the Young Chefs’ Club will give kids the opportunity to step away from their TV and phone screens and step into the kitchen. Kids and grown-ups alike will look forward to each and every Young Chefs’ Club delivery—just see what people have to say!

“Your little one is already a brilliant cook in the making; the Young Chefs’ Club just gives them the tools they need to master their craft.” –ROMPER

“This is the perfect subscription for the kid who loves food, picky eaters who you want to get into more adventurous foods, parents who want to share cooking fun with their kids, and generally, any kid who is up for a fun activity.” –POPSUGAR

From parents:

It is the best subscription we have received. The recipes are always well-written and delicious. We go back and remake almost all of them several times. The tools are excellent quality and overall it offers new kitchen skills for my 12 year old that has been in the kitchen with me her whole life. She often makes the entire box without my help!”

“I've been impressed with how many of the recipes and skills taught through the box make it into the regular family rotation . . . corn tortillas and flat bread to name a few. I like that the science of cooking is a major part of most boxes.”

The April edition of the Young Chefs’ Club dives into how ALL of our senses—taste, smell, sight, touch, and hearing—play a role in how we experience the flavor of food. Listen to Stovetop Popcorn pop and take a big whiff of Browned Butter Blondies. Our Spicy Noodles with Pork and Sichuan Peppercorns (peppercorns are included) will play with their sense of touch. Taste the magic of a miracle berry tablet (also included), which makes sour taste sweet, temporarily. On sale through March 31st and arrives on doorsteps in April.  
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