Should I Leave My Pizza Stone in the Oven All the Time?

Simply storing the stone or steel in your oven can be the easiest way to handle it—with a few exceptions.

Published May 13, 2021.

When it comes to pizza stones and baking steels, life would be much easier if we could just keep it in the oven. But the question is: should you?


You can avoid a lot of hoisting and heaving by simply leaving them in the oven on a rack most of the time, where they act as what engineers call “thermal ballast” to help hold the oven temperature steady. This may add a few minutes to preheating times, but it will improve the steadiness of your oven’s heat.

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A few notes: Don’t place pans directly on the steel or stone unless you want extra heat (and browning) applied to the bottom of your food, as we do with our recipe for Easier Roast Turkey and Gravy.

If you’re baking delicate items such as cookies or cakes, it’s best to take out the steel or stone to avoid disrupting the heat-circulation pattern of your oven and baking the food unevenly. (It’s the same reason our recipes often suggest baking cookies one sheet at a time.)

Finally, don’t be tempted to place your stone or steel on the oven floor; many ovens have vents there that must not be blocked for safety reasons.

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