ATK Kids

Introducing the America’s Test Kitchen Kids YouTube Channel!

We’re bringing ATK Kids to the small screen with the launch of two kid-approved cooking series on our very own YouTube channel.

Published June 11, 2021.

Attention kid chefs (and their grown-ups): You’ve read our cookbooks and opened our subscription boxes. Now, we’re inviting you to join America’s Test Kitchen Kids on our new YouTube channel!

Tune in as real ATK Kids young chefs cook our fan-favorite recipes, learn basic culinary techniques, and have a lot of laughs along the way. Make sure to subscribe to our channel, and check out our two new video series below.

Wicked Good

What happens when a formerly evil scientist steps out of the lab and into the kitchen? Find out in Wicked Good, where the now-retired Professor Scy works with his granddaughter, America’s Test Kitchen Kids young chef Zoe Bates, to reform his once-evil ways with a new passion: cooking! Laugh and learn alongside Grandpa Scy as he trades his beakers for measuring cups and his microchips for chocolate chips and makes all sorts of recipes with the help of Zoe—from a Giant Chocolate Chip Cookie to Guotie (Pot Stickers).

Test Kitchen Kids Takeover

In this series, the young chefs of America’s Test Kitchen Kids invite you into their home kitchens to demonstrate the key techniques that all kid cooks should know. Young chefs across the country will teach fellow kid chefs how to zest and juice lemons for lemonade, how to safely cut an avocado, and so much more—with the occasional spontaneous dance party, ATK Kids team member cameo, and technical difficulty interlude. Test Kitchen Kids Takeover highlights what really happens when kids step into the kitchen . . . messes and all!

Have ideas for other videos you’d like to see on our ATK Kids YouTube channel? Shoot us an email at And if you know any young chefs that would be interested in becoming an ATK Kids recipe tester, you can sign them up here.

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