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Top Chef's Kristen Kish on Fame, Belonging, and Serving Hamburger Helper

Kristen Kish has had a meteoric rise in the culinary world, so she sat down and talked to us about it.

Published June 16, 2021.

Kristen Kish had never stepped foot in Austin. But as soon as she landed in the city, something felt familiar. That feeling was enough to convince her to open her first restaurant, Arlo Grey, along the Colorado River.

Kish's rise in the culinary world—from growing up Korean in Michigan, to winning season 10 of Top Chef, and now running her debut restaurant—is a story that's both improbable and familiar.

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Kish shares the strange and exciting road she's taken on the season premiere of The Walk-In with Elle Simone Scott. Kish talks about coming to terms with her sexuality in the public eye, fame, and why she pays homage to Hostess cupcakes and Hamburger Helper at her restaurant.

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