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My Favorite Honey Mustard Is Sweet, Spicy, and Buttery
Imagine the finest honey mustard combined with creamy, fresh butter.
Carolyn Grillo

There’s a small gourmet grocery store, café, and bakery near my apartment that I frequent several times a week. I wander along the store’s wooden shelves adoring their specialty products—single-origin chocolates, tinned fish, Rancho Gordo beans, jams, and curds as well as more bottles of olive oil and vinegar than I’ve ever seen in one place. My favorite find, however, has to be American Spoon Wildflower Honey Mustard

I’ve made a lot of lunches while working from home, and frankly I was bored with my daily sandwiches and salads. One day I brought this honey mustard home and spread it between two slices of sourdough bread before adding turkey, cheddar, and romaine lettuce. It turned my would-be ordinary sandwich into something unexpectedly complex and delicious.

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So what makes this honey mustard different from others? This thick, smooth spread starts off sweet and subtle (from the honey and brown sugar); quickly turns spicy-hot and acidic (from the ground mustard seeds, apple cider, and white wine vinegar); and finishes off mellow and buttery (it contains butter), with just a slight piquant tingle at the back of the throat. 

Imagine the finest honey mustard combined with creamy, fresh butter. That’s what this condiment provides, and I can’t get enough.

Later that week I made a vinaigrette by combining the honey mustard with a dash of white vinegar and salt. Then I used it as a dipping sauce when I made chicken cutlets for dinner. This multipurpose, complex spread is wonderous, and I’ll continue to look for other ways to use it in my cooking. I certainly haven’t purchased my last jar.

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