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3 Tips for Achieving a Seamless Omelet

Tip one: Skip the flip.

Published June 29, 2021.

Omelets are ideal for any meal. They’re big, quick to make, and endlessly customizable. But let’s be honest—making omelets can be kind of intimidating. We’ve all been there: You’re excited to enjoy a big breakfast, and your omelet ends up overcooked; undercooked; or even worse, a mangled pile of eggs caused by the infamous omelet flip.

It felt like one of these situations happened to me every other time I attempted to make one, ruining my day in the process. That was until I discovered a recipe that doesn’t require any flipping: the Easy Cheddar Omelet from Cook’s Country.

This recipe is packed full of tips and tricks for making the perfect half-moon omelet every time. Here’s a few of them:

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  • Use a pan that's the right size. A 10-inch nonstick skillet is the perfect vessel to make a substantial omelet in. If your pan is too small, your omelet will be overly thick, making folding it over a lot more difficult than it needs to be. And with a skillet that’s too big, your eggs will spread too thin and end up torn to shreds.
  • Stir and tilt. Once you add your eggs to the pan, you’ll want to stir them until large curds form. Then take your skillet and tilt it so that the uncooked egg fills in the gaps, scrape along the sides of the pan to get any excess cooked eggs, and let it sit until they’re set.
  • Finish it off the burner. This is to prevent the dreaded rubberiness that comes with overcooked omelets. Once the eggs are just set, you’ll sprinkle on your cheese, cover the pan, and let the residual heat melt the cheese and finish cooking the eggs. Then all you have to do is fold it over, serve, and enjoy.

If cheese omelets are a little too plain for you, we also have a Tex-Mex variation, along with versions that use ham, feta with dill, and even smoked salmon. Now that you know these secrets, omelets can become a more common occurrence in your kitchen.

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