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All About Eggs

When it comes to buying eggs, choosing between brown and white or large and jumbo is just the beginning.
By Published Sept. 27, 2021

Did you know that there are more hens than people in Iowa? Or that an average American eats about 279 eggs per year? We didn’t either. Welcome to the wonderful world of eggs, an expansive realm shrouded in mystery—but not for long. With the help of Dianna Bourassa, an assistant professor and extension specialist at the Department of Poultry Science at Auburn University in Alabama, we’ll demystify buying and storing eggs and share some weird and wonderful facts we found along the way.

Shopping for Eggs? Look for These Words on the Container.

Shopping for eggs can be overwhelming. Here we break down what to look for and what all the labels mean.
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Do I Have to Refrigerate Eggs? (Plus Other Questions About Storing Eggs.)

We answer your most pressing questions on how to store eggs.
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Does a Darker Yolk Equal Better Flavor?

We set out to discover if a colorful egg yolk equals a more flavorful egg.
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Why Egg Size Is Important

Egg size can affect recipe results. Here we tell you how to make any egg size work in a recipe.
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Freezing Leftover Egg Whites

Don’t want to throw leftover egg whites away? We’ve got you covered.
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The Right Way to Crack an Egg

We help you ensure minimal mess and a clean(ish) break.
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9 Eggs-traordinary Facts About Eggs

It turns out that eggs really are incredible.
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