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Turn Leftover Pickle Brine into an Instant Salad Dressing

Avocado + Pickle Brine = World’s Easiest Dressing

Published July 21, 2021.

We’ve all been there: You’re making a salad, you’re short on time, and you’re sick of that bottled dressing in your fridge. The next time that happens to you, make this dressing that requires just three ingredients (that you probably already have).

I discovered this instant dressing in our new Five-Ingredient Dinners cookbook. Like everything in there, it’s quick and easy, and it uses minimal ingredients. All it takes is some avocado, olive oil, and pickling brine from whatever pickle you have in your fridge. I used pickled jalapeño brine, which I had on hand and is what the book calls for, but the beauty of this recipe is how substitution friendly it is—you can use the pickling brine of your choice to mix and match with your salad or personal tastes.

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All you have to do is mash up ½ cup of avocado and then add the brine and a couple tablespoons of olive oil. Mix it well and then toss the dressing with your favorite salad. 

The jalapeño brine adds a nice kick and some briny saltiness, and the avocado adds a creamy element, allowing you to skip mayo or another cream base completely. You can also add some thinly sliced shallot, or some minced jalapeños if that’s the brine you went with, to add even more bite to cut through the creaminess of the dressing.

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Instant Avocado Dressing

Makes about ¾ cup

½ cup avocado, mashed
¼ cup jalapeño brine
2 tablespoons olive oil

Mash avocado, jalapeño brine, and oil in serving bowl with fork until combined.

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