4 Top-Notch Kitchen Products That Replace Single-Use Plastic
Tools so good you’ll forget about the disposable stuff.
Hannah Crowley

The ATK Reviews team has tested tons of tools aimed at reducing single-use plastic in the kitchen. What we’ve found is that buying something (often with plastic parts) to reduce plastic consumption only really works if said product is good—like really good. Because no matter how virtuous you hope to be, when it’s late and you're tired, you are going to do what’s easiest. 

So how can we do better for the planet without making our lives more stressful? Here are four tools that check every box: They’re reusable, they’re easy to use, and they perform well. Watch them in action in the video below, then read more about each of them. (And for even more eco-friendly kitchen gear, check out this buying guide.)

  • GIR Suction Lids

    GIR Suction Lids

    Silicone lids replace plastic wrap when covering containers. They can also be used as a lid for a pan on the stove and a cover when microwaving. There is no tearing or folding required—you simply plop them atop whatever you want to cover and press down to seal (if you’re using it for storage). They come in various sizes. I recommend getting a selection, if possible. The small ones are as useful as the larger ones, though if you want to buy just one and plan to use it to cover your skillet as well as storage containers, make sure to match it to the size of your skillet for the best results. Our winner by GIR kept fruit salad just as fresh as disposable plastic wrap and was easier to use to boot.

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  • Abeego Food Wrap

    Abeego Food Wrap

    Plastic wrap can be really handy in the kitchen, but it’s single use and can be annoying to handle when it sticks to itself. Food wraps are wax-coated pieces of fabric. You use the warmth of your hands to seal them to containers. They don’t require any tearing and don't stick to themselves, so they can be easier to use than plastic wrap. Some we tested were too sticky and left behind residue. Others were too stiff and didn’t seal effectively. Our winner from Abeego struck the perfect balance—it sealed tightly and easily and held up over time.

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  • reusable straws

    OXO Good Grips 5-Piece Reusable Straw Set

    People say, “Just don’t use a straw!” but anything that helps me drink more water, I’m in. There are a lot of reusable straws on the market. This set from OXO won our testing for two reasons. First, it comes with four straws in two lengths, so it fits all different sizes of cups and bottles. Second, while the straws themselves are stainless steel (great because it’s sturdy and resistant to mold), they’re topped with soft silicone tips for comfortable sipping. If you’ve ever clanked a tooth on a glass or metal straw (I have!), you know why this is so clutch.

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  • FloWorks Design Plastic Bag and Bottle Dryer

    FloWorks Design Plastic Bag and Bottle Dryer

    Plastic zipper-lock bags are undeniably useful in the kitchen. Though they are technically single use, we’ve found that you can reuse them if you gently wash them between uses. The tricky part is drying them after—they must dry open, or they will stay wet forever and breed yucky bacteria. Enter bag drying racks, devices designed to hold bags and water bottles (another green win!) while they dry completely. Our winner from FloWorks Design had the biggest capacity in our testing lineup, was superstable, and closed up for easy storage. It’s made from repurposed wood scraps from furniture making (another win!).

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Top Photo: cgdeaw, Getty Images

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