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Why Did Jello Salad Go Out Of Style?

The rise and fall of gelatin, on the season eight premiere of Proof.

Published July 30, 2021.

It was the rage of dinner parties in the 1950s and 60s. It graced finer cookbooks and high-society magazines. Hard to believe that in the not-too-distant past, Jello salads were the height of haute cuisine. 

Jello salads came in different shapes, sizes, and flavors. It could be sweet or savory: Studded with fruit and topped with whipped cream, or, studded with chicken and topped with sour cream. Its versatility was matched only by its visual appeal, often a feat of engineering marvel with every hue on the color spectrum represented. 

But like every fad, Jello salads quickly faded out of style. Salmon in aspic became, well, unfashionable. How did this happen?

Reporter Karen Given tells us about the rise and fall of gelatin on the season eight premiere of Proof. It’s a story that begins in the Middle Ages served to aristocrats, featuring handsome door-to-door gelatin salesmen on horseback, all the way to Julia Child. It’s available on your favorite podcast providers, many you’ll find in links below. 

On a personal note, I—Kevin Pang—am delighted and honored to take over hosting duties this season. Throughout our eight episodes this season, you’ll also meet some new and familiar names joining the Proof cast. We’re excited to have you join us.

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