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Oreo Just Debuted Two Limited-Edition Flavors. Here’s Our Review.

Oreo's new 2021 flavors are Salted Caramel Brownie and Apple Cider Donut. Are they worth seeking out?

Published Aug. 16, 2021.

I am an Oreo purist. I think the original Oreo is the best version, so I’ve never been one to seek out the new flavors offered by the company. However, I was tasked with trying the two recently released limited edition flavors—Salted Caramel Brownie and Apple Cider Donut. I love both of these in their non-Oreo form, so I was intrigued. Would I enjoy an Oreo cookie that reminded me of the desserts or do I just want to enjoy these desserts on their own?

Salted Caramel Brownie Oreos

When I first took a bite of these cookies two things stood out. First, the salt on the outside of the chocolate cookie is genius. Why haven’t they done this before? Salt is the secret to so many desserts, and here, the salt perfectly contrasts the sweetness of the cookie, and adds a nice pop of flavor. Unsurprisingly, I like chocolate chip cookies that are finished with flaky sea salt, too.

That said, the filling tastes so much like an original Oreo cookie. I can barely taste the caramel- and brownie-flavored double fillings (one layer of each), though I get an overwhelmingly fake-sweet-caramel smell. If I try really hard I can taste some mild chocolate in the brownie layer of filling, but it’s a stretch. Our takeaway: Skip these and sprinkle some flaky salt on your original Oreos instead.

Salted Caramel Brownies Oreo photo

Apple Cider Donut Oreos

It’s mid-August as I type this, and I’m still trying to enjoy what’s left of summer. Still, fall flavors are arriving in our stores . . . and that goes for Oreos, too, with its new apple cider donut flavor. When I opened the package the smell reminded me of Instant Quaker apple-cinnamon oatmeal packets, which I devoured in my childhood and still enjoy a few times a year. 

Golden Oreo cookies surround an apple cider creme which contains little bits of sugar that haven’t been fully dissolved into the creme. These crunchy bites mimic the cinnamon-sugar coating on apple cider donuts. While the filling is too sweet for me on its own, the cookie provides a nice balance. Before I knew it, I’d eaten seven cookies. Our takeaway: These apple cider donut Oreos had me almost wishing fall was here. Until then, I’ll be snacking on these.

Apple Cider Donut Oreos photo

Conclusion: These limited-edition Oreos can never replace the original desserts they aim to replicate, but we still think they both offer something interesting. We'll skip the salted caramel brownie Oreos (though I love the idea of sprinkling salt on Oreos going forward). As for the apple cider donut Oreos? If you're a fan of fall-flavored desserts—as I am—these are worth seeking out. 

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