Why Boursin Should Be on the Mount Rushmore of Cheeses

It deserves to be up there with the cheddars of the world.

Published Sept. 24, 2021.

If you ever run into me in the grocery store, there’s a pretty good chance you’ll see a box of Boursin cheese in my cart. It’s one of my fridge staples. So much so that I believe it is the hot sauce of cheese, because it can go on or in anything.

For those of you who don’t know, Boursin is a creamy French cheese that boasts flavors of garlic and herbs, specifically parsley and chives. It is both affordable and extremely versatile.

But what can you do with it once you open its signature foil wrapping? Here are some of my favorite uses.

Make It the Centerpiece of Your Charcuterie Board

This may be one of the most common uses for Boursin, but it’s one of the best. There’s zero prep work involved, allowing you to put the board together quickly. Also, its spreadability makes it easy to top crackers and meats without having to slice from a block of hard cheese.

Add It to Your Grilled Cheese

We have lots of tips for improving your grilled cheese game, but one of my personal favorites is adding Boursin to the filling of my sandwich. The garlic and herbs help take it to the next level; plus, it melts beautifully.

Add It to Flatbreads and Savory Tarts

Boursin was one of the stars of our recently published cookbook Five-Ingredient Dinners, thanks to its ability to add creaminess, herbs, and alliums with a single ingredient. When developing recipes for this book, we found that it made the perfect base for flatbreads and tarts because it anchors the toppings well and adds that trifecta of flavor.

butternut squash tart
Rustic Butternut Squash and Spinach Tart from Five-Ingredient Dinners

Stir It into Pastas

This is one of my favorite applications for Boursin. Since it melts well, it’s perfect for adding to pastas, such as our Easy Summer Vegetable Pasta, for a simple, creamy sauce that will complement almost any combination of ingredients.

You can also add Boursin to your boxed macaroni and cheese as an easy way to elevate it to fancy status. It melts seamlessly, contributing extra creaminess and added dimension to a usually plain cheese sauce. Like everything Boursin touches, it turns to gold.

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