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You'll Be in Breakfast Heaven with Cloud Eggs

Take breakfast to the next (atmospheric) level with these ethereal eggs.

Published Oct. 27, 2021.

I can’t lie: I’m a sucker for a good oozy egg.

In Instagram’s “boomerang” heyday, I was that girl cautiously cutting into sunny-side up eggs so that I could record the beautiful, fleeting moment when the egg yolk erupts with a luxuriously yolky lava flow. (Nowadays, I partake in oozy egg joy offline.)

But if I’m being honest, the egg white is a mere accessory for me—it’s a texture thing! I’m here for the runny egg, and the runny egg only.

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But as I was flipping through the latest ATK Kids cookbook, The Complete Cookbook for Young Scientists, I stumbled upon a recipe that just might change my tune (and the tune of egg-averse kids—and grown-ups—everywhere): cloud eggs.

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The concept is straightforward: Separate four eggs, whip the whites to stiff peaks, form your “clouds” on a baking sheet, add a yolk to the center of each cloud, and bake. You’re left with all the glory of a sunny-side up egg (the runny yolk, of course), plus whites that are crisp on the outside and light as a cloud on the inside.

You might be thinking: Break out the baking sheet for eggs? This is actually an ideal way to make eggs for a lot of people at once. It’s mesmerizing to stare at—don’t be surprised if those you’re serving break out their phones.

Egg whites finally bringing something to the oozy-egg party? I’m on cloud nine—come join me.

Eggs Reimagined

Cloud Eggs

Make breakfast more egg-citing with light and fluffy cloud eggs.
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