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Triple-Chocolate Magic Brownies: No Eggs, No Butter
If you have oil and baking powder, you can make delicious, fudgy brownies—no eggs or butter needed.
Caren White

My ideal chocolate brownie is ultra rich and super chocolatey, with gooey centers and crispy edges.

This recipe has all that. It’s got three types of chocolate and is easy enough for the whole family to make. Oh and by the way, it contains no butter or eggs. And brownie lovers won’t be able to tell the difference. 


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When it comes to a simple recipe like brownies, substituting major ingredients like butter and eggs can be problematic. By taking those away, brownies can become gummy, dense, and dry, rather than fudgy and appealing. We found, however, that two small swaps made these brownies every bit as good as recipes with eggs and butter—except this one is vegan. These brownies straddle the line between cakey and fudgy, much like classic brownies. Here are the secret ingredients:

1. Oil (Instead of Butter)

Vegetable oil is ideal because its neutrality brings the chocolate flavor to the forefront, rather than overwhelming it. That makes vegetable oil a natural swap for butter. It also supplies moisture to the batter that may be missed without the eggs.

2. Baking Powder (Instead of Eggs)

While eggs are the usual rising agent in a fudgy brownie, a chemical leavener was needed to provide structure and lift. The scant teaspoon of baking powder is enough to support a substantial amount of incoming chocolate.

3. Three Kinds of Chocolate

This recipe uses three—yes, three—kinds of chocolate: 

1) Cocoa powder
2) Unsweetened chopped chocolate 
3) Semisweet chocolate morsels

Together, the three add richness, depth, sweetness, and balance for your brownie experience. The cocoa powder and unsweetened chocolate are bloomed in boiling water, furthering their flavor complexity. The remaining chocolate chips are stirred into the batter for a fudge bomb of chocolatey sweetness in every bite. 

Yes, these are vegan fudgy brownies, but they’re every bit as delicious as ones with butter and eggs. But that can be our little secret. 

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